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Homecoming fund

From its very first run in January of 1997 Homecoming International Chamber Music Festival has poised to become a truly unique world-level cultural phenomenon bringing together a number of successful Russian performing musicians who work all over the world. Amalgamated experience of Russian and international performing schools, generously shared by the new generation of the world-class performing elite with their home audiences, is the essence of the festival. Over 100 musicians have selflessly dedicated their original, avant-guard creative energy and ambition to the mission of Homecoming Festival. Homecoming has become for them a special necessary act of professional benchmarking, direction verification and spiritual assurance.

Participants of the festival are aspiring and established Russian musicians, graduates of Moscow’s higher music education institutions many of whom continued their education at top music academies of the world. Majority of them are awardees and winners of famous international competitions, soloists of renowned western and Russian orchestras. Leading foreign musicians representing various performing schools regularly join Russian participants in the wake of a chance to unite in performing truly serious and genuinely fundamental music.

The core of Homecoming concert programs are theme selection of works with one powerful underlying, not necessarily musical, idea behind them.

The organizer of Homecoming Festival is Homecoming Culture Development Fund setting a goal of enforcing the continuity of Russian performing school generations, facilitating the return of Russian musicians to Russia, new treatment of world classical music masterpieces, performing of unknown works, staging of Russian and world premiers of Russian and foreign composers’ works.

Among completed projects of Homecoming Fund are:

  • New Russian Composers concert at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, April, 2000
  • Homecoming concert in Kuskovo Estate, August, 2000
  • Production of CD with recordings of the best performances of Homecoming Festivals, 2001
  • Oppressed Music project dedicated to composers repressed by totalitarian regimes in the XXth century, 2002
  • Concert at the colony for under aged criminals, Ryasan, 2002
  • Oppressed Music concert tour in Germany, November, 2003
  • Homecoming: Portraits monthly concert series at The Internatioanl House of Music, 2003–2004 season
  • Homecoming: Portraits monthly concert series at Rakhmaninov Hall of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, 2004–2005 season
  • Annual Homecoming Festival, 1998–2011

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